Coming soon will be a non-profit resource to introduce the concept of efficient prevention. The easier it is to make prevention part of a busy lifestyle, the more likely it will be adopted long term. Effective prevention methods that have diminishing returns come second to equally as effective methods that cost a fraction of the time and money.

Prevention today is becoming reduced to screening for problems. This is where the money is. Essentially, it is waiting for the problem to surface with the hope that it will be 'caught' in time. While this has value, it is much better and cheaper to prevent it all together.

Health success should be defined as long term absence of disease and slow aging with better than average personal productivity without going to any extreme with nutrition, exercise, sleep or expense.

It's really easy, will help limit your exposure to predatory conventional and alternative health care systems by explaining why they believe their own lies, and how these mostly good people fell into that trap. Check in soon also for efficient common sense tips to enhance your life minimizing lifestyle change.